A Voice of the People, NOT a Puppet of a Party


Welcome to marvpixton.com, the official website for Marvin F. Pixton, III for US House of Representatives, Virginia 1st Congressional District. I believe that by running as an Independent, I can better serve you in government without political party influences. Thanks for your support.

I want to thank everyone who has shown interest in my campaign for Congress.  Though I did not win the election, I did win and make many new friends.  I also had the opportunity to travel through the 1st Congressional District and understand the issues of concern to many of the citizens.

People have asked what was the largest lesson learned from the experience of running.  My response was experiencing the bias and discrimination of the press and organizations that claim to be non partisan.  Unless a candidate represents a major political party, he/she is treated like the “bastard step-child trying to attend the blue-blood family reunion”! Until the voters are ready to accept a representative of the people and not a representative of a party, the system will be difficult to change.

Again, I thank everyone for their interest in what I had to say and the issues I felt were important.  It was a wonderful experience and a meaningful education of the electoral process.


Marv addresses TV audience at the National Press Club.